Any way you cut it- bull riding is a sport full of adventure. The objective is for a rider to stay mounted on a bucking bull for at least eight seconds. These savage animals throw their body in crazy seizure-like motions in an attempt to get the bull rider off of their back. Professional bull riders have said that staying on a bull for eight seconds of longer seems like an eternity, despite how quick the time goes to onlookers.

Most extreme sports enthusiasts would say bull riding is the most dangerous sport known to man. In less than eight seconds a bull rider can be tossed from the back of the bull and then the bull can viciously attack the fallen rider. Bull riding has become a main stay at rodeos and a professional bull riding circuit has been created to travel around the country.

If you are planning on attempting to ride a bull for eight seconds there are a few things you should be well aware of.

A bull rider’s score for a ride is up to two judges. Each ride is scored with 100 points possible. Each judge can award the particular ride with 50 points. The 50 points from each judge are divided into two categories, which are worth 25 points each, the performance of the rider and the performance of the bull. Obviously, the rider cannot control the performance of the bull so there is a hint of chance involved in each ride. This may seem unfair but they actually balance each other out. If the bull shows an extreme performance the rider will get a lot of points but probably not so many points for his performance because of the bulls behavior. On the other hand, if the bull is not so challenging the rider will most likely receive a lot of points for his own performance.

Tips for a Successful Bull Rider
The number one thing that can make you a successful bull rider is your physical fitness. Bull riding requires you to be in tip-top shape with a large amount of stamina. Sheer strength is required to hold yourself upright on a bull that is jumping and kicking to get you off of his back. You also need to be able to take a good hit. You will be thrown off a bull at some point, some individuals more than others. If you can’t rebind, jump up and get out of harm’s way- you won’t last long in the rodeo arena.

Practice is also key when bull riding. The only way you can get better is by riding as many different bulls as you can. Every bull is very different and uses a different technique to get you off his back. The more bulls you ride the apter you are to read a new bull better. Mechanical bulls are also a great way to practice. This type of practice allows you to master weird movements that bulls may throw at you. They also allow you to make plenty of mistakes without getting hurt by a real bull. Once you fall you can lay there and think about where you went wrong.

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