Horseback riding safety tips can save lives. For many people, riding a horse in the woods or up a mountainous trail is an ideal way to spend an afternoon. Horseback riding can be done at any pace, from relaxing and enjoying the outdoors to working hard to burn calories. Whatever the goal, horseback riding safety tips can help make the day enjoyable, fun and safe for everyone.

Here are some of the tips to help assure that a day used to horseback ride goes well with not snags.

Ride a horse that matches your riding skills and if you will be on a road at all, be sure your horse is safe to ride in such areas.

An approved helmet that’s securely fastened and worn all the time while on a horse is highly recommended.

Shoes or boots with a one-inch heel is a good choice for stability.

The saddle should harness safety or breakaway stirrups if the rider is inexperienced or fairly new to riding. They will prevent the rider’s foot from catching if they were to fall, thus being the drug if the horse continues on.

Horseback riding with a friend can be more fun than if you are alone and it is always a good idea to bring along a 2-way radio or a cell phone in case there are cases that need an urgent action.

Advise someone before you leave for your ride of your agenda; as far as where you’ll be and when you’ll be back. At the minimum let someone know if you are not back by a certain time where they should look for you.

Remember that the faster you go the more easily something can go wrong and the reaction time is longer, and it is always a good idea to ride only as fast as the slowest rider or with the least amount of experience.

Extra caution needs to be taken during hunting season. The anxious hunter may react too quickly before actually getting a good visual on what is on his target.

Reflective riding clothes should be worn on a night ride, bring along a flashlight and stay on well-marked trails.

Be sure to bring along any equipment you might need such as a pocket knife to pick something out of the horse’s hoof or a halter in case you need to tie up, you won’t want to use reins for that purpose.

Wearing sunscreen is a good idea in the sunny climates, along with carrying water and some snacks with you and wearing comfortable clothing. Also, be sure to get down off your horse once in a while to give everyone a rest.

Although you could come up with many, many more safety tips for horseback riding, the ones provided here will help you avoid unforeseen accidents.

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