Horse riding has turned out to be a very popular exercise. It is fun and great exercise and great for kids and adults to socialize. Learning to ride a horse is usually a fun & fulfilling experience for many people all ages. However, if the required skills and safety measures aren’t learned beforehand, a person can end up encountering many hard falls. That’s a big reason many beginner horseback riders end up quitting. Falls and injuries can be avoided if the beginning horseback rider takes the time to study the relevant horseback riding procedures ahead of the riding exercise. Just like with learning to ride a bicycle; you first had to fully understand your confinements, and what the bicycle is capable of. Similarly, with learning to ride a horse.

If possible, it is advantageous if you can read some horse-related books before taking beginner horseback riding lessons. That way, you know basic horse – related information. You wouldn’t want to begin taking exercises knowing anything about these beautiful animals. Some of the basic things you need to know are before taking beginner horseback riding lessons are: What you should wear when riding and what not to wear, how to mount & dismount, the various gaits of the horse, understanding the mind of the horse, how to stay in control, etc.

Also, it’s good to know that it’s natural to be scared the first time you ride. But don’t let the horse know that. Horses are like children; they sense when their rider is insecure. So even if you’re afraid, act relaxed.

Horseback riding is one of the thrilling experiences of your life. Stick with it. Mastering to ride a horse can be slow and take hard work. Don’t give up. Knowing that lots of experienced horse riders did not grow up around horses and also took beginner horseback riding lessons can be reassuring.

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